Youth Mentors

Drew Bergsing, Youth Mentor

Cliff Ingledew, Youth Mentor

Matlynn Snodgrass, Youth Mentor

Matlynn grew up in Wyoming and worked with children and adults teaching art and theater through the Lander Art Center from 2012 to 2015. ¬†She began mentoring and case management with L’esprit upon moving to Montana in 2016 and is currently a Behavior Specialist at Wynans Elementary. Matlynn is also a certified mediator and offers mediation series through Ensemble. Nature and creativity are integral tools for her work with children and adults, and she takes a holistic approach to mental health and wellness. She enjoys the outdoors, gardening, art, sewing, and spending time with her family. Her and her partner run a Sweat Lodge and a non profit in Livingston which focuses on providing avenues and skills to connect with nature, personal spirituality, and tools to help heal our community.

Clyde Schulein, Youth Mentor

Clyde Schulein is a recent graduate from Park High School. He came to L’esprit from a year in South America where he performed cultural exchange and public health volunteer work. When he is not working as a youth mentor, Clyde enjoys spending time with friends and family. His hobbies include soccer, skiing and hiking in the great outdoors of Montana.

Nick Zumpano