Behavioral Specialist

 Job Summary: 

Responsible for providing one on one, face to face, intensive short term behavior modification and stabilization services provided in the client’s school or community.  The goal is to work with the client within the school, community, home setting which meet SED criteria. The Behavioral Specialist implements interventions for supporting new and positive behavior.  The Behavioral Specialist is supervised by a licensed clinical mental health professional.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Therapeutic intervention to clients in school, community and home settings
  • Be able to build positive relationships and engage with client in a positive professional relationship with boundaries
  • Be able to follow plan for emergency evaluation and management of crisis
  • Be able to maintain calm and confident during a client’s crisis and maintain safety for both the client and staff
  • Be able to be consistent when working with clients to ensure predictable and unchanged outcomes
  • Be able to work independently with direction and feedback from the supervisor while in the school setting
  • Participate in treatment team meetings at a minimum period of 90 days for treatment plan review
  • Create and implement a plan for therapeutic activities that correspond with the treatment plan
  • Create and implement a plan for therapeutic group activities that correspond with the treatment plan for clients
  • Be responsible for additional responsibilities as needed or assigned by supervisor
  • Must adhere to L’esprit Inc. policy and procedures including productivity and caseload expectations, treatment planning, confidentiality, while following the code of ethics.

Education and Experience:

This position requires at a minimum, a high school diploma and at least two years of experience working with emotionally disturbed youth, or experience in direct services in human services field or postsecondary education in human services.  Valid Montana driver’s license in good standing.



Therapeutic de-escalation of crisis situations to ensure the protection and safety of the clients and staff.  The training will include the use of physical and not-physical methods of managing clients and will be updated annually.  Incoming employees will be trained by their L’esprit program supervisor, to include the day-to-day duties and responsibilities of their positions.  These trainings will include a thorough orientation regarding L’esprit best practices on all documentation, procedures, including evidence and research based behavior interventions and practices.  L’esprit’s rigorous staff training ensures the provided services are delivered by a competent team of professionals who are concurrent with the most effective research based treatment plans.


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