Youth Case Management

Youth Case Management is a service that offers support to youth and their families. This support can assist for the youth’s educational, legal, social and emotional needs, and assisting the family with identifying and accessing programs and resources in the community. In addition, they can help the family navigate the network of professional services through a referral and assessment process.  Case management services include assessment, determination of need, development and periodic revision of a specific care plan, referral and related activities, and monitoring and follow-up activities.

Access to psychiatric care, psychological testing and assessment, neurological testing, specialized medical care, in-home support services, and if need arises, assistance in accessing higher levels of care, outside of the community setting. The youth case management staff recognizes and promotes collaboration between the family and organizations working with the youth. The youth case manager monitors the continuum of care until the youth has reached independence and is able to successfully navigate their environment without additional supports.

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